Why I love what I do with PartyLite as an Independent Consultant and proud of representing the company …

From the quality of the candles to the integrity of the company itself, PartyLite means excellence. I’m so proud to bring these beautiful candles into people’s homes knowing that customers are going to be pleased with the items they order.

Before PartyLite, I felt like I was like a hamster on its wheel doing the same things every day – running from home to work, from work to home, trying to run errands and keep up the house – there was just never enough time for everything and to keep everyone happy.

Now I can plan my time to suit myself.  By arranging my parties in the evenings, I can be more flexible with my time throughout the day.  It’s great to spend more time with my family and to feel more relaxed about my job.

Working a flexible schedule also means I can be available when I need to be – for daily activities, doctor’s appointments or special events and besides, now I even have some time for me.

It’s also exciting to see my PartyLite business can change lives for the better.  My Hostesses love the products they get free and I’m thrilled to see how PartyLite helps other Independent Consultants.  Whether it is just that little extra income for Christmas or credit card payments, or the first step in a new career, I love knowing I helped by introducing PartyLite to someone else.

Plus, it feels really good to know that PartyLite makes a difference with our charity, we’ve given over £200,000 to ClicSargent, a children’s cancer charity.  We’re more than great candles – we’re a company that cares.