“Test Drive” PartyLite, the business

Would you buy a car without taking it for a test drive first? Probably not! Making the decision to join PartyLite, whether its part-time or full-time, is as important as (or maybe even more important than) buying a car. You are provided with product, stationery and a 60 days opportunity to ‘test drive’ PartyLite to see how the business ‘fits’ you.

And best of all… there is no financial investment.

So… what do you do to get started? That’s easy!

  1. You will need to be booking 6 shows to display and demonstrate your PartyLite product, so you would need to compile a list of 20-30 friends and acquaintances using the FRANK sheet attached to get you started.
  2. Put a * beside at least 8 names of people who you feel will be supportive in this Business Trial and whose opinion you value. For optimum results, * names from each of the FRANK categories.
  3. Then select the 60 days window for your ‘Test Drive’ of the business and select a date just before your 60 days window for a Practice Show that you can host in your own home which I am more than happy to come and do for you.
  4. Once this is done you would need to start making your calls and schedule your 6 shows.

Tips on making those first Bookings!

  • If the person you are asking is not able to hold a Show within the 60 days window, ask if they can either find you someone who might be able to. If they want to book after the test window, still book it in, in case you decide to stay.
  • If the person you are asking cannot hold a Show, for whatever reason, ask them if they would like to attend the Practice Show you are holding in your home.
  • If the person you are asking cannot hold a Show or attend your Show, say ‘thank you’, and offer to go through the catalogue with her at a time which is convenient to both of you.
  • Now that you have completed steps 1 through 4, you are probably wondering how much time is involved and is it worth the effort…….
  • Try to avoid just using Facebook, Texts or Emails to invite people… they won’t respond! An invitation needs to come from you… whether it’s in person or on the phone.

Time involved is 3 hours per Show x 6 Shows = approximately 6 – 8 hours per week

The average sales at a Show £200 (6 x £200= £1200.00 in sales)
The profit from 6 average Shows @ 20% £ 240
Bonus for sales over £1,200 = 5% of £1,320 £ 60
The retail value of product which you get to keep £ 300
TOTAL £ 600

That works out to be approximately £20 per hour, with no investment on your part.

After your ‘Test-Drive’!

Once you have tested the business for 60 days, you will have enough information and experience to decide whether PartyLite is for you. Whatever you decide, you could be ahead financially by approximately £600. Following the 60 day trial, together we will evaluate your experience and at that time, other options that are available will be explained, such as career advancement and additional income opportunities with PartyLite.

Two shows per week, earning around £50 per show, could earn you approximately £400 a month. Plus the option to achieve free product with our PartyLite programme, valuable training seminars, regional and national recognition and trips to say ‘Thank you’ for a job well done.

If you would like me to meet you for a coffee, show you an example kit and to go through the Trial Offer and PartyLite in more detail, I am happy to do so without any obligation on your part.

Contact Me for more details and I look forward to hearing from you!