Yes, you can become a PartyLite Consultant – once you see our beautiful products you will be hooked as well as sampling the quality of our range of candles there will be no holding you back! lol

The first time I saw the products I was simply blown away, such beautiful things and the fragrances… I was in heaven but how could I afford any? I was soon to find out as the Consultant proceeded to explain. FREE kit, extra this and that… I did not know what to think of first, should I have a party, buy some products… where was I going to put everything! So I decided to take the plunge and become a Consultant.

Now, with PartyLite it is like a dream come true – for the first time in a long time, I am really enjoying my job, meeting lovely people and have a good time, so its not really like work at all, more of a social event and now I can see the bigger picture and the potential of having my own business, working the hours I choose and the best part of all, helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.

PartyLite have a fabulous incentive program like no other party plan business, there are 5* trips every year.  We offer a FREE kit when most party plans have to pay a percentage towards theirs.  Monthly promotions to help build your business and valuable training, you are paid weekly and a bonus at the end of the month if achievements have been met plus lots of extras along the way to help fund your business.

In August we have our yearly Conference, an excellent weekend full of training, promotions, new products, everyone goes away with bags of enthusiasm, feeling great and new friends. It really is like one big family and such a joy to be part of a company that really appreciates and recognises you for the work you do.  I am so glad someone offered me the opportunity, contact me today so I can share this opportunity with you.