PartyLite tealights come in recyclable tealight cups, completely liquefy while burning.
Burn time: 4-6 hours per tealight.

3-wick Jars

PartyLite Jar candles are highly scented to deliver an intense fragrance lift.  Let them burn long enough for the wax to liquefy up to the edges.
Burn time: 25-45 hours


PartyLite votives liquefy while burning and may be burned until the wax is completely consumed.  Votive candles leave behind a small metal disc once consumed.  Please remove this from the holder before adding a new candle.
Burn time 8-11 hours per votive


Melts liquefy when placed in the dish of a PartyLite Warmer.  Use 3 Scent Plus Melts in an Electric ScentGlow Warmer.

Melts offer a high fragrance lift and deliver up to 60 hours of fragrance.


No liquid oil! No flame! Just long-lasting fragrance around the clock.

Five rolled paper fragrance sticks deliver scent for up to 30 days. Use 1-2 sticks for a small area, 3-5 sticks for larger spaces. Sticks also divide for a shorter length. Display in our SmartScents or GoSmart™ holders, sold separately.