Eliminates the stale odours of pets, smoke and kitchen smells

Eliminate pet smells with our range of home fragrances, you have a choice of Aroma/ScentGlow Melts SmartScents and Reed Diffusers.

First choose your Warmer from our range of Electric ScentGlow® Warmers, these provide a fragrance without a flame, whereas the Fragrance Warmers work by lighting a tealight beneath – find the one that is best suited to your rooms.

Secondly, choose a fragrance from over 35 different fragrances, some of our favourite are listed below

Thirdly,  combine two or three to invent your own scent and enjoy hours of rich home fragrance to suit your mood.

  • Mulberry
  • Citrus Nectar
  • Iced Snowberries
  • Perfect Pet
  • Sun Kissed Linen

2-4 melts are placed in an Aroma Melts Warmer and a tealight does the rest. The fragrance will last for between 60+ hours and will float around your house.

Create your own custom fragrance with new “snap-able” aroma melts

  • Mulberry + Marshmallow Vanilla = Mulberry Vanilla Delight
  • Sweet Strawberry + Marshmallow Vanilla = Strawberries & Cream
  • Marshmallow Vanilla + Red Orchard Apple = Vanilla Apple Crisp

Try our new SmartScents – they are so simple, yet so effective.  Start with one stick and add more for increased fragrance.  Choose from 14 scents, mix and match for around the clock scents in your home.  No flame, no spills!

Smell the fresh fragrance throughout your home