SmartScents by PartyLite

A new concept to fragrance your home.  Its so easy, you simply start with one stick and add more for an increased fragrance or mix and match from our 13 scents.  No flames or spills – your home will always be beautifully fragranced 24/7

ScentGlow Warmers

You may prefer our colourful butterfly or sculptured design of the Spiral warmer,
our ScentGlow warmers shine a gentle light together with the Scent Plus Melts
that you will love around your house
just plug in and fill your home with fragrance.


Introducing Innovative New SmartBlends

The newest way to enjoy Fresh Home by PartyLite featuring NEOFRESH technology, harness the power of nature as essential oils neutralise unwanted odours, leaving behing simply fresh fragrance.

PartyLite Fresh Home Collection can freshen your home and linens
with its patented odour neutralising technology.

Our Collection come in five fragrances to bring freshness to your
kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom and helps eliminate pet smells.
Choose from Garden Herbs, Fresh Lavender Sandalwood,
Fresh Citrus Nectar, Tropical Breeze and Perfect Pet

SmartScent Melts

Find Your Signature with PartyLite.
Exquisite PARTYLITE® SIGNATURE FRAGRANCES formulated to be combined.
Create a custom fragrance with different Melts. Each tray snaps into nine Melts.
Use in our ScentGlow™ Warmers, sold separately.
Enjoy up to 60 hours of flameless fragrance!